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Praveen Kumar took us to appreciate the charm of the investment market and the strategies of stock trading, so that all fans who follow can turn losses into profits in the stock market.

Success as a trader has everything to do with your ability to:
  • Find stocks who have the highest probability of profiting
  • Understand how to read the Market Data
  • Change your mindset and your trading to the NEW way the market moves!

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What can I learn at Crown Wealth Financial Institute?
Learning includes various stock selection ideas, trading strategies and investment concepts. Having the confidence and knowledge to trade everyday.
How to avoid stock market risks and expand investment returns.
Our goal: to make Crown Wealth Financial Institute a first-class financial institute, so that all investors who lose their money can find a safe harbor.
Whether you are a casual trader or a professional trader, you can rely on our Crown Wealth Financial Institute.

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praveen Kumar (born on May 12, 1978 in New Delhi, India) Educational Qualifications Undergraduate: University of Cambridge, UK, double bachelor's degree in economics and philosophy Master's degree: Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA, obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. While pursuing his master's degree, he received the Albert A. Snider Memorial Fellowship in recognition of excellence in leadership and management. A consultant at McKinsey & Company in 2011, responsible for providing strategic and business advice to clients. From April 2012 to September 2014, he worked as a hedge fund analyst in the City of London. After in-depth research and analysis after 2015, I participated in investments in blockchain companies such as Blockchain, OKCoin, and Tezos. After the cryptocurrency surge, the cumulative income by 2018 had exceeded 100 times. From July 2018 to November 2021, he established a joint venture with an old friend to establish a fund company in Northern Ireland as the president and chief hedge fund manager.

10 secrets to help you take the guesswork out of trading
  • Secret #1: Triple Stock Profit System - An easy way to triple your profits by simply owning stocks.
  • Secret #2: Covered Call - An Advanced Way to Guaranteed Potential Earnings!
  • Secret #3: Bullish Strategy - Take advantage of rising stock prices for potential profits.
  • Secret #4: Profit From Sideways Movements - Explore ways to potentially profit from stable stock prices.
  • Secret #5: Bearish Strategy - Learn a method to potentially profit from falling stock prices.
  • Secret #6: Avoid Pattern Day Trading Problems - 3 Effective Ways to Circumvent Pattern Day Trading Rules and Prevent Account Lockouts.
  • Secret #7: 3 Easy Ways to Blow Up Your Account - Learn why you should avoid these ways to blow up your account.
  • Secret #8: Trading the Yield Curve - Seize the opportunities presented by changes in the fed funds rate.
  • Secret #9: Trade Like a Casino - Employ casino-inspired strategies in your portfolio for success.
  • Secret #10: Trading in 60 Seconds - Master the art of high probability stock trading in under a minute.
Understanding Markets
  • Understanding Markets & Exchanges
  • Test: Markets and Exchanges
Money Management
  • Money Management
  • Test: Money Management
Five Rules of Trading Psychology
  • Rule One: Do Your Own Research
  • Rule Two: Stay In Your Weight Class
  • Rule Three: Pay Attention
  • Rule Four: Check Your Ego
  • Rule Five: Move On
Introduction To Technical Analysis
  • Charts & Candlesticks
  • Moving Averages
  • Relative Strength Index 
  • Technical Analysis Review
  • Test: Technical Indicators 
Six Kinds Of Trades
  • Trend Trade: Example One
  • Trend Trade: Example Two
  • Regular Moving Average Trade: Example One
  • Regular Moving Average Trade: Example Two
  • Base Trade: Example One
  • Base Trade: Example Two
  • Consolidation Trade: Example One
  • Double Top/Double Bottom Trade: Example One
  • Double Top/Double Bottom Trade: Example Two
  • Far From Moving Average Trade: Example One
  • Far From Moving Average Trade: Example Two
  • Test: Six Kinds of Trades

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